Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Louisiana

Vast knowledge of oil and gas operations as well as current state, federal and local laws, rules and regulations

In-depth understanding of the business drivers, strategic priorities and resource needs of Rocky Mountain region,  Bakken, Delaware, Permian oil and gas operations

Regulatory, environmental, operations planning & permitting  of small &  large-scale oil and gas development drilling programs in multiple basins throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana , New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Louisiana.

High level of interpersonal skills that allows collaborative work with company executives, managers, and operational teams 

Proven history of project execution and strategic development planning

Strong ability to identify areas of need and to make recommendations for corrective actions 

Highly motivated with proven history of leading successful teams

Extensive network of oil and gas companies, industry trade organizations, government representatives, and agency officials



Oil and gas process guidelines, checklists, spreadsheets, database standardization, GIS databases, data mining for competitive advantage  

Survey and environmental clearance coordination (civil, archaeology, paleontology, biology)


Due Diligence, strategic planning asset planning, accurate permit and agency needs, initial site and corridor staking

Oil and gas location assessments


Sensitive area determinations & objective criteria analysis

Electronic APD & subsequent reporting generation and submittal​​

Federal, State, and Tribal surface ROW acquisition

Leasehold reconnaissance and pre-lease review

CX and EA level NEPA coordination & compliance documents

Environmental audit coordination

Stream alteration permitting

County and State road encroachment permits

County special use and zoning applications


Reclamation and remediation coordination, planning, monitoring


Mitigation project design/implementation


Hydrologic evaluations and sampling

Environmental clearance survey coordination

Management plan preparation


Field site visit and meeting representation


Dust and noise survey management




Melissa Luke

Regulatory Manager

Matt Barber

Environmental Manager



The two founders,  Melissa Luke and Matt Barber, have a combined 40 years of experience in the Environmental, Compliance and Regulatory disciplines.


They have worked for many companies, with operations in many states and basins.  They have worked with the myriad of regulatory agencies required to plan, permit, drill, remediate, and reclaim projects.  They have experience in Stormwater Management Plan and Spill Prevention Control and containment.


The planning of drilling projects has been a major focus for this team.   They know that you must put things in proper order to minimize efforts and times to milestones.  The use of guidelines, checklists, databases and geographical information systems is crucial their efforts.


The founders of SLB Environmental, LLC see tremendous opportunity to service companies with important projects and goals.


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